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DAMUZIK LABEL,  based in Houston Texas, SPECIALIZES in pro audio recording, beats/soundtracks, audio engineering, mixing/mastering etc., graphics, photography, media promo....A ONE STOP SHOP for the pro, as well as, casual artists and entertainers!!!

Who records with me (Trey B Damuzik), you might wonder? Referrals, but at my competitive prices to mix and master, and my high standard of quality, I stay quite busy. People return and send new clients, working on full length CDs, or their latest idea. They come back, because it's professional quality, at a bargain. People can afford to record professionally, here at Damuzik Label. They've found a studio, here at Damuzik Label, that they are comfortable in, that does a great job, and where engineers listen closely to what the artist is trying to capture. I, Trey B Damuzik, meet a lot of people that come from other recording experiences, (at home or in a big studio) where they simply can't afford the high cost, and low quality products compared to my teams, high end, radio ready productions. Every dollar you spend recording, here at Damuzik Label , matters because, recordings (unlike everything else in life) are made to last forever. I, totally believe that, and my Damuzik Label Team and I, are here to: Keep you Bumpin My Muzik, and Astonish You!

Why do I do this, you might ask?  Here at Damuzik Label, I would rather have my studio well-known with frequent positive referrals, than charge people more money, and only work 3 days a week. We here at Damuzik Label, want it to be EASY for You to decide to record with our awesome team. The sound quality is excellent, and the price is the lowest competitively.

I hope you'll take a minute to send an email or call me. Tell me about your recording project, and I'll put together an outline and a price that should solve the problem.
Here at Damuzik Label, we are trying very hard to be the studio you'll work with for a long time. That means treating people right and giving them a great sound!

Can't do what we do without the support of the people!!!! We appreciate ALL Support in any form that its given!!!!!!


Please EMAIL treybdamuzik@damuziklabel.com for availability and more information

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